About Feher


The speciality of hand woven materials

Products of FEHER comprise clean lines, modernity, elegance and the delicacy of Japanese and North European culture and architecture. Besides moderate lines, the main pillars of the brand are the hand woven materials’ genuine textures. The bags are completely handcrafted from the very first phase.


Founder József Fehér started his work with designing woven material. Today his portfolio contains high quality handmade couture accessories such as jewellery, scarves, belts and bags. Beside his company, József Fehér is involved in several other art projects.
Before establishing the company with his friends, designer József Fehér worked with Hungarian fashion designers like Katti Zoob. He graduated from Moholy-Nagy University of Design and Art in Budapest and participated in several international courses and workshops, for example in Vienna and Brussels. His bags have been exhibited in cities like Prague and Frankfurt.


2010 Helsinki, Finland – Helsinki Design Week - More information…
2010 Budapest, Hungary “Touch the Bags” – Spring/Summer Collection 2010 event
2009 Budapest, Hungary Tone in Tone – 2009 Send-off Exhibition
2009 Budapest, Hungary SZAFT 2009
2008 Brussels, Belgium – Future Textile
2008 Budapest, Hungary Pontom Gallery
2007 Prague, Czeh Republic Hungarian Institute
2005 Frankfurt, Germany International Textile Exhibition
2004 Budapest, Hungary Museum of Hungarian Agriculture, Cover Competition: 1st prize


2002-2008 Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest
Faculty of Textile Woven material designer